Extra’s to rent

When Exploring New Zealand’s scenic coastlines, adventure playgrounds and back country, don’t forget to stock up on a few creature comforts at super low prices. All of our optional extras are hired on a per hire basis which means you pay almost nothing for them per day.

Folding Outdoor Chair – $10 per hire. Road-side, at the beach, camp grounds… Relax in comfort with one of these collapsible chairs. No more waiting for other people to vacate the road-side bench seats.

Folding Outdoor Table – $15 per hire. Add this to your kit! Super light-weight & compact, they are easy to store and seat up to 4 people. For a lovely alfresco dining experience anywhere you are.

Solar Shower – $10 per hire. If you intend getting to out-of-the-way places, then these are the bees-knees. They have a good capacity for a decent shower anywhere. Camped for a while in one spot? Fill it with water, hang it in a tree and let the sun heat the water for a nice warm shower. In colder months, just heat water with your on-board gas cooker.

Portable DVD Player – $20 per hire. These can be used to watch DVD’s, accepts USB storage devices for music or movies. Rechargeable from your camper van’s duel power system.

GPS Navigation Unit – $45 per hire. Spend less time finding your way around; hire one of these to save time and fuel. These units have camping grounds, beaches and a host of other essential information for the independent traveller.

Power Inverter – $20 per hire. You needn’t stay at a camp site again. Simply plug this handy little device into the secondary cigarette socket on your camper-van and you have 240v power wherever you are. Whether stationary or driving you can charge up those small electronic devices such as cameras, mobile phones and even laptops.